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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access oKeyboard if I have Oribi Writer

Go to Settings on your iPad and click on General > Keyboard > Keyboards.

Choose Add New Keyboard…

Under THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS you can pick Oribi Writer.

When you’ve added Oribi Writer to your list of keyboards, click Oribi Writer and activate Allow Full Access.

Your keyboard is now ready for use! Go to your favorite typing app and long press the globe icon and select Oribi Writer from the list of keyboards.

How can I find the latest version of VeritySpell?

You can update our programs to improve their compatibility with new operating systems and Microsoft Office suites by downloading one of our patches.

If you are using an old program version which cannot be patched, you can order an update on our order page.
There is a 50% update discount if you include the license key for the old program.

What is a Service Package?

You get access to a number of services and benefits.
In brief, you obtain the following (in relation to the programs covered by your licence):

  • the latest versions of the programs for download
  • access to the program versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Google Docs
  • installation and program support
  • downloadable one-year licences for home use for all users covered by the service package
  • the opportunity to order single-user licences at a reduced price

Read more about the service package here

Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version?

The important thing when installing our programs is to match the bit version of the Office suite, not the bit version of the operating system.

To check which Microsoft Office version you are using, start Microsoft Word and then click File Account About Word. The new information window that appears will indicate whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version. Then install the corresponding bit version of VeritySpell.

I have installed VeritySpell, but nothing happens when I click the icon?

You cannot start VeritySpell unless you have first started the word processor (for example Microsoft Word). Open a document you would like to check and then try starting VeritySpell again.

How do I buy your software?

Our software can be purchased directly on Oribi Web Store.

If you would like to purchase a program for more than one user, please use the form on our contact page!

Using word prediction in Oribi Speak

Version 1.3 of Oribi Speak for Chrome has word prediction built in. Activate by right-clicking on the Oribi Speak icon and select “Word prediction active”.

Oribi Speak will now suggest words as you write in Google Docs and other web pages. Choose the word you want, either by clicking on it or using the keyboard shortcut alt + [1-9].

Screenshot of word prediction