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Oribi Speak

High-quality text-to-speech, letter-sounding and word prediction for the web

Oribi Speak works on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS.

Listening to selected text

Select text on any web page, in Google Docs, in a PDF document or in some ebooks and have it read out loud using a high-quality text-to-speech. You can choose among 33 different languages and over 90 different voices.

Listening while writing

If you press the spacebar, Oribi Speak will read out the last word and/or sentence you wrote. This ‘writing echo’ makes it easier to reflect immediately on what you are writing.

Real-time text highlighting

When Oribi Speak reads your text, the entire sentence is highlighted, which makes it easier to follow.

Listening to individual letters

Oribi Speak can sound out letters as you write them. This direct auditory feedback makes it easier to choose the right letter.

Word prediction

Our smart word prediction gives you a unique support with spelling difficulties. If you start typing over, suggestions such as overall and overview will be presented.

Language recognition

Our automatic language recognition can tell which language your text is written in and switches to the correct voice automatically.

Try Oribi Speak for free

The best way to get to know Oribi Speak is to try it, and that's why we offer a 30-day trial period with all features enabled.

Google Chrome

Download Oribi Speak for Chrome at the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft Edge

Download Oribi Speak for Edge at Microsoft AppSource.

Need a license?

Whether you need to purchase Oribi Speak for yourself, a company or an entire school, we've got you covered. Contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the right license.

Updates & patches

If you have already installed Oribi Speak and need an update, check below for the latest versions.

Chrome & Edge

Extensions for the Chrome and Edge browsers update automatically when we release a new version. Depending on how you use your browser, update times may vary.