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Oribi Writer

Oribi Writer

The iPad app with spellchecking and Text-to-Speech

Oribi Writer works on iPadOS

Writing support for iPad

Oribi Writer is the ultimate app for people who need language and spelling support while they write. The app is a word-editor and contains a unique spellchecker and grammar checker. It corrects both severe spelling errors like sositch (sausage) and yost (used) as well as confusable words like their/there/they’re and witch/which. Several thousands of example sentences help you decide whether your spelling is correct for the context or not.

Spellchecking and language support

Oribi Writer’s spellchecking is unique for the market and corrects severe spelling errors and confusable words better than any other app.

Personal settings to meet you needs

You start checking your text through a simple click, which opens up a side panel next to your document. In the side panel you will get suggestions for possible spelling and grammar mistakes, and also help with example sentences for confusable words. Through different personal settings Oribi Writer can function the way you prefer. You can also add your own words to Oribi Writer’s wordlist.

Text-to-Speech and sounding-out of letters

Oribi Writer uses iOS high-quality Text-to-Speech and sounding-out of letters, so that you can have letters, words and sentences read out loud as you write, a so called “writing echo”. Using writing echo makes it easier for you to hear if you misspelled a word.

Listening to individual letters

Oribi Writer can sound out letters while you write.

Reading out loud as you write

Oribi Writer contains Text-to-Speech which reads your text out loud while you write, or after.

Download Oribi Writer

Choose between Oribi Writer Edu and Oribi Writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check back soon for frequently asked questions about Oribi Writer.


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