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Advanced spellchecker, specially designed for people with reading and writing difficulties

SpellRight works on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS.

SpellRight for Word Online

We are currently developing SpellRight for Word Online and in the meantime it’s completely free to use!

Use SpellRight to correct or check:

  • serious spelling mistakes like djöni (for journey) or enaf (for enough)
  • easily confusable words like their/there/they’re or need/knead
  • grammar mistakes like he is interested of (for interested in)
  • misspellings of compounds like Losangeles (for Los Angeles) or birth day (for birthday)
  • punctuation and spaces.

With personal settings, you can:

  • make SpellRight learn new words
  • decide whether SpellRight should warn you about certain words or not
  • use wordlists of different sizes
  • choose British or American English.
???????? About SpellRight

SpellRight is a program that corrects spelling mistakes in English. It is specially designed for people with reading and writing difficulties, like dyslexia. SpellRight can correct serious spelling mistakes that other spellcheckers would not recognise, for example yoost (for used) and citon (for kitten).

It also explains the difference between confusable words such as theirthere and they’re. To help users choose the right word, SpellRight presents suggestions with example sentences. It has a simple grammar checker which finds grammar mistakes such as The cats is hungry and suggests that you should write either The cats are hungry or The cat is hungry.

There is also a dictionary to look up words in, and you can (usually) have words read out loud because SpellRight supports most text-to-speech functions on the market. It is easy to control how SpellRight will behave. All you need to do is to choose a wordlist of the right size for you and change your other personal settings as appropriate.

SpellRight can be used:

  • as an add-in with Microsoft Office
  • as a stand-alone program, for example with OpenOffice and a few other wordprocessing suites or with the Clipboard.
???????? Om SpellRight
???????? Über SpellRight

Try SpellRight for free

The best way to get to know SpellRight is to try it, and that's why we offer a 30-day trial period with all features enabled.


Download and install a free trial of SpellRight for PC.


Download and install a free trial of SpellRight for Mac.

Google Docs

Go to Google Workspace Marketplace to install SpellRight for Google Docs.

Microsoft Word

Go to Microsoft AppSource to install SpellRight for Word.

Need a license?

Whether you need to purchase SpellRight for yourself, a company or an entire school, we've got you covered. Contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the right license.

Updates & patches

If you have already installed SpellRight and need an update, check below for the latest versions.


Latest version: 2.0.38

  • Various bug fixes


Latest version: 2.0.7

  • Various bug fixes

Google Docs

Extensions for Google Docs update automatically when we release a new version.

Microsoft Office

Web-based Office Add-Ins for Word and OneNote update instantly when we release a new version.