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The following features are included for your selected products:

  • the latest versions of the Mac- and PC programs for download
  • access to all the program versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Word Online and Google Document.
  • installation and program support
  • downloadable one-year licences for home use for all users covered by the service package
  • the opportunity to order single-user licences at a reduced price

Get access to a number of services and benefits


We will provide you with the latest versions of the programsas downloadable files. You will receive admin login credentials that enable you to collect the full program versions through the Habitat service.

Free access to all program versions

You have access to all available versions of the programs, meaning that you will be able to use the programs under Microsoft Windows, on Macs, Word Online and in Google Document.


We always provide both installation support and program support.

One-year licence

You (pupils, students, employees, etc.) may download the program(s) for home use under ‘one-year licenses’. The programs are downloaded via Habitat and may be used for a year. If the subscription is renewed, the programs can be downloaded again and used for another year, and so on.

Private licence

Users covered may buy personal single-user licences at a 50% discount. Unlike a one-year licence, such a private licence is valid until further notice and does not require annual downloads of the programs.


The service package is similar to a subscription. It takes effect immediately upon order. The customer is invoiced annually in advance and the subscription runs for a twelve-month term. Near the end of each term, Oribi sends a new invoice. If the customer does not wish to renew the subscription, Oribi must be contacted before the end of the current term.

If you want more information or subscribe to our service package, please contact Oribi.

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