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Manual for oKeyboard

Manual / Manual for oKeyboard

oKeyboard is a keyboard that includes unique features to support your typing in all apps where you can use a keyboard. In short, oKeyboard contains:

  • Advanced word prediction that takes into account spelling mistakes (up to seven word suggestions).
  • Support through example sentences for confusables (easily confused words) such as witch/which and meet/meat.
  • Text-to-speech Enables you to listen to suggestions (candidates) and example sentences.
  • Speaking keyboard that sounds out written letters, words and sentences.
  • Autocorrection that corrects your spelling while you are typing (optional).
  • Possibility to add (and delete) own words in your personal word list.


oKeyboard is an app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet from the App Store. When you open the app, you need to activate the keyboard. This is done through your device’s system settings. You also need to allow full keyboard access through your device’s system settings.
Click Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboard > oKeyboard.

Switch to oKeyboard

To switch to oKeyboard from another active keyboard, hold down the globe key in the left corner of your keyboard and select oKeyboard.

How oKeyboard works

Word prediction

With the help of oKeyboard, you can get advanced and accurate word prediction in both English and Swedish. You can get up to seven different word suggestions, so-called candidates, even when you have only written a single letter. You decide how many candidates to display in oKeyboard’s settings under Word Prediction. To access further words that do not fit in the display, swipe left in the row of candidates.oKeyboard contains pair prediction that gives better candidates based on the previous words in the text.

Insert a candidate

To insert a candidate, click on the candidate. In the settings under Word prediction, you can decide whether you want oKeyboard to insert a space after the candidate or if you prefer to insert it manually.

Word prediction while misspelling

oKeyboard can provide excellent word suggestions even if you spell a word incorrectly from time to time. For example, you can get the word kitten as a candidate even if you typed citon. If you type a word that is not in oKeyboard’s dictionary, the candidates will be presented in red (you can turn this feature on/off under Settings > Word Prediction).

Get help with confusables

oKeyboard can help you with confusables (words that are easily confused, e.g. words like witch / which or to / too). If the word is considered a confusable, a small downward facing arrow will appear beneath the candidate. You then swipe down on the confusable to get access to example sentences that puts the confusable word in context. This way, you can check for yourself if you’ve found the correct spelling of the word. When you’ve found the correct spelling of the word, click on that word. The word will then replace your already written word.

Get candidates and example sentences read out loud

All candidates and sentences can be read out loud with the help of text-to-speech. Long press on the candidate or example sentence you want the text-to-speech to read out loud for you.

Add your own words to the word list

Unlike many other keyboards, words that are not in our word list are not automatically saved to the word list after you type a word a certain number of times. This is so that no misspelled words end up in the word list by mistake. You therefore need to add new words yourself, so that they can be presented in the candidate row in the future. To do this, swipe down on the small downfacing arrow that appears for words that are not in the word list.Words that you’ve added accidentally can be deleted from your word list under Settings > Word list.

Talking keyboard

oKeyboard contains a talking keyboard that provides so-called writing echo. Through various settings, you can choose whether to have text-to-speech sound out letters, words and sentences for you while you type. This can be a good support for those who need direct feedback while they write. This also lets you hear misspellings. You can enable and disable each different feature in the apps settings. It is possible to only activate e.g. letter sound, but it can just as well be combined with both word and sentence reading.To activate the talking keyboard, click on the small plus sign on the upper left in the candidate row and then on the speaker icon. Then close this menu by clicking the X button.


OKeyboard has a built-in auto-correction that can automatically correct misspelled words as you type, for example,  misspelled words such as grandfater or sponsered. Auto-correction corrects the misspelling while you keep typing the next word or sentence.

oKeyboards settings

To access oKeyboard’s settings, click on the small plus sign at the top left of the keyboard. Then click the gear button on the right.

In settings you can make changes to:

  • Language
  • Talking keyboard
  • Word list
  • Word prediction
  • Autocorrection


Here you switch between languages, ​​English or Swedish, depending on which language you are writing in. You can also switch languages ​​directly on the keyboard by clicking the language selection key to the left of the space bar.

Talking keyboard

By activating the talking keyboard, you can have text-to-speech read letters, words and sentences out loud as you type. You set the type of reading support you want (either letter sounds, words and / or sentences) using the buttons. Then activate the talking keyboard with the Activate button at the top of the menu.


Under voice, you select which voice to use for text-to-speech. We recommend downloading an enhanced voice in iOS/iPadOS System Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices. This greatly improves the text-to-speech quality.


Under Speed ​​you can make the reading speed for the text-to-speech read faster or slower.

Word list

The words that you add, in addition to those that are already in oKeyboard’s dictionary, end up in the Word list. These words can now be suggested as candidates in the word prediction. By clicking on the Edit button, you can delete words added to the word list by mistake.

Word prediction

Number of candidates

Under Word prediction you can set how many word suggestions, ie. candidates that you want to show up in the top row of the keyboard as you type. You can get up to 7 candidates.

Add space after chosen word

Here you can set if you want oKeyboard to insert a space after the candidate from the word prediction.

Colorize candidates

With this button switched on, all candidates get assigned colors based on what type of candidate they are (e.g. red candidates are misspelled, blue candidates are confusables)


This button turns the autocorrection on and off.

Keyboard click sound

This button turns the keyboard click sounds on and off.


To uninstall oKeyboard, long press on the app until a menu appears. Click Remove app.