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Manual for Oribi Writer

Manual / Manual for Oribi Writer

Oribi Writer is a perfect writing tool for those who want a little extra language, reading and writing support than other apps can offer. Oribi Writer includes a completely unique spelling and grammar check, which enables you to correct spelling errors such as inof (enough) or citon (kitten). Oribi Writer is also capable of correcting easily confused words such as their, they’re or there.

In addition, Oribi Writer offers sounding out letters while writing, as well as iOS built-in speech synthesis for word and sentence reading, both while writing and after you’re finished writing. This is perfect for people learning to read and write, people with reading and writing difficulties, people that are learning the language or people who want to be able to listen to a text they have written.

Install Oribi Writer

Oribi Writer is installed from the App Store. Oribi Writer includes one spell check language. The first time you launch the app you will be able to choose which language you want to be able to spell-check text in. The options are Swedish, English, German and Danish.
If you happen to choose the wrong one, you can delete the app by holding down your finger on the app icon until it starts to shake and then clicking the cross in the upper left. Then you can re-download it from the App Store again under Purchased.


Under Documents, you can create and name folders and documents. The Document button can be found at the bottom of the page if you minimize the keyboard. If you do not create a folder, the documents are saved under the root folder ON MY IPAD. Folders and documents can be deleted by clicking Change.

Spell- and grammar checking text

To write in Oribi Writer, click the Write button at the bottom of the page. You can also name your document directly on this page by clicking on the document name.
To spell check your text, click the Oribi Writer button. The spelling is started from the insertion point of the cursor. Oribi Writer stops at words that are considered misspelled or easily confused. Also grammatical errors, such as errors in expressions and strings / transcripts are checked. Here are the different types of messages you can receive when you start spell checking:

The word is not in your dictionary

Oribi Writer will stop for words that are considered misspelled. Often, one to two correction suggestions are displayed. If these suggestions are not enough, you can click the More suggestions button.
To select a word in the box, select it and click the Change button.

Easy to confuse words

Oribi Writer also stops at words that are considered easily confused. You can now check if your spelling is correct for the context using the example sentences presented.
To change your spelling, select the word and click Change. If your spelling is correct for the context, click Next to continue checking the rest of your text.


Oribi Writer also provides support for various grammar errors, e.g. in terms of sentence structure, word order and errors in expression. To correct your text, select the word and click Change.

Do not stop

Sometimes Oribi Writer warns of words that are actually spelled correctly, e.g. names of people or places. This is because they are not in the Oribi Writer dictionary. If you do not want Oribi Writer to stop every time such a word is written, you can add it to your own dictionary. This is done with the Do Not Stop button. This can later be edited in Settings Language settings My wordlist.
If there is a word you know you are always spelling correctly, you can add this to the Do Not Stop dictionary by using the Do Not Stop button. The next time you write this word, Oribi Writer will skip this word during correction. This glossary can be edited under Settings Language settings > Confusable words.


Click the Share button to open your document in another app, print, email or copy all text.


Oribi Writer offers iOS built-in voice synthesizer for reading text. To have your written or imported text read out, click on the speech bubble. To stop reading, click the same button again.

Oribi Writer reads:

  • from the cursor insertion point
  • the selected text, if you selected something
  • from the beginning of the document if the cursor is last

You can also have words and sentences read out each time you press spacebar while writing, so-called “typing echo”. Under Settings > Speech support, you set how / if you want Oribi Writer to read out loud what you write. The reading speed is also regulated here.

Change language for spelling

To change and select the language you want to use for spelling-, grammar checking and reading, click the language selection button in the upper left when you are in typing mode. Unpurchased languages will be highlighted in gray. The other languages can be purchased via Settings In App Purchase.


In Settings you can make different settings for different languages.

  • Select the language you want to set by clicking the language selection button at the top left of the page. If you only have a downloaded language, it will always be the language settings you access in the settings menu.
  • To access the selected language settings, click the Settings button at the bottom right of the page behind the keyboard.

Language Settings

Under Settings Language settings you can choose the size of the dictionary, spelling behavior and edit your Do not stop-dictionaries.

Select dictionary size

Choose Large or Small depending on how many and advanced correction suggestions you want to get.


Choose whether you want Oribi Writer to stop for easily confusable words, check spaces and punctuation, and perform a simple grammar check.

Do not stop – Wordlists

Under My wordlist you can find the words added with the Do Not Stop button, and the words you have added that were not in the Oribi Writer dictionary. You can also enter new words or delete words directly in the text field.


Under Confusable words you can find the easy-to-confuse words added with the Do no stop button. You can also enter or delete words directly in the text field.


If you have English as your preferred language, you can choose what kind of translation you want from your correction suggestions.

  • English – English: Selected mainly if you have English as your mother tongue. No translations are made. You get sample sentences for the easily confused words.
  • English – Swedish: Selected mainly if you have Swedish as your mother tongue. The English spelling suggestions are translated into Swedish.
  • English – Danish: Selected mainly if you have Danish as your mother tongue. The English corrections are translated into Danish.
  • English – German: Selected mainly if you have German as your mother tongue. The English corrections are translated into German.

Speech support

Under Settings Speech support, you find settings for sounding out letters, speech synthesis and speech speed.

Sounding out letters

Click Letter Sounds to set if you want this feature on / off. As you type, all letter sounds are read aloud immediately when you click on a letter.

Read out the last word

With this feature enabled you will have all words read as you type. The words are read after you click the space bar.

Read out the last sentence

With this feature enabled you will have all sentences read out. The sentence is read after you have written a sentence ending in punctuation.


Under this menu you choose which of the iOS voices you want to use for reading written text. The reading language changes automatically when you select a language under the language selection button in the writing mode. However, you can set a different language and voice under the voice menu.

Speech rate

Here you control the speed of speech for speech synthesis. You may need to set different speeds for different languages.

In app purchase

Oribi Writer includes one language (Swedish, English, German or Danish). This language is selected immediately after installing and launching the app for the first time. Additional languages are purchased through In App Purchase under Settings In app purchase. Click Buy next to the language you intend to purchase
If you have previously purchased more languages that have disappeared after e.g. a reinstall of the app, you can re-download it under Previous purchases inside the app.
After clicking Buy, you will be asked to confirm your purchase by entering your Apple ID password.

Extended keyboard

Oribi Writer offers an extended keyboard that allows you to select fonts and sizes, adjust text and other formatting options such as bold, italic and underlined text.