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Guide for distributing VeritySpell in Google Workspace

Manual / Guide for distributing VeritySpell in Google Workspace

Distribution of VeritySpell for Google Document in Google Workspace

This guide describes in short how to distribute your school or business license of VeritySpell to all users in a Google Workspace domain.
Distribution is only permitted if your organisation has purchased a license.


The add-ons functions and settings are managed for the user through the Google Workspace Admin Console.

  • Log in as an admin in your Google Workspace domain and click on Apps
  • Select Google Workspace Marketplace apps
  • Click Add app to domain install list to add new apps to your domain
  • Search for VeritySpell and chose Domain install
  • Chose if you want VeritySpell to be automatically distributed to the whole domain or only to a select group of users, then click Accept

After the installation is complete the admin can change some settings for VeritySpell by clicking the settings icon next to the installed add-on.


To uninstall VeritySpell go to Apps Marketplace apps and click on VeritySpell, then select the Delete app option in the upper right corner.