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Manual for VeritySpell for Google Docs

Manual / Manual for VeritySpell for Google Docs

About VeritySpell

VeritySpell is an add-on for Google Docs that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in English texts. It is designed above all for people with reading and writing difficulties, but it is well suited for anyone who needs spelling assistance and language support.

Starting VeritySpell

VeritySpell starts checking the text from the insertion point (where the cursor is). Check your text with VeritySpell when you have finished writing it. Start VeritySpell by clicking Add-ons in the menu bar. Then click VeritySpell and Start. VeritySpell will open as a window to the right of your document.

VeritySpell will now go through your text systematically. It will stop both at words that are misspelt and at words that are easily confused with other words, depending on their context.

Not found in wordlist

VeritySpell stops at words that it considers to be misspelt. It usually shows one or two suggestions for correction. If you want to see more suggestions, click the Show More button.
To choose a word in the window, select it and click the Change button. You can also just double-click the word you want.

For lunch, I had a sositch

Confusable word

VeritySpell also stops at words that it considers to be easily confused with other words. You will be presented with example sentences allowing you to check whether your spelling is correct in its context. If you want to change your spelling, select the word and click Change.
If your spelling is correct in its context, you instead click Next to move on and continue checking the rest of your text.

I like to eat meet


Besides spelling mistakes, VeritySpell can also help with various grammar mistakes relating to sentence structure, word order, expressions, etc. Such mistakes are often made by people who have English as a second language. Correct your text by selecting the word you want and clicking Change.

We must try stop it

Write together & Split word

VeritySpell is able to detect many cases where one word has been incorrectly written as two words, such as boy friend, or where two words have been incorrectly written as one, such as losangeles. VeritySpell will then warn you and ask whether you want to write the word together or split it. To make a change, either click the Change button or double-click the word.

I have a boy friend

Learn new words

VeritySpell will sometimes warn you about words that are in fact correctly spelt. This is often the case for names. The reason is that those words are not included in the VeritySpell wordlist. If you do not want VeritySpell to stop every time it comes to such a word, you can add it to your personal wordlist by clicking the Learn button. Then VeritySpell will no longer stop at that spelling. You can also change this in Settings.

We have moved to Melrosegate

Not confusable

VeritySpell sometimes stops at easily confusable words, such as needs and kneads, even when they are correctly spelt in their context. If you are sure that you never misspell some such words, you can click Not confusable. Then VeritySpell will no longer stop at those particular words.
You can change back in the VeritySpell settings.

It needs love


To change personal settings such as the size of the wordlist you are using, how you want VeritySpell to behave and your personal wordlists, go to Add-ons – VeritySpell – Settings. Under About in Settings, you will also find a more detailed user manual.